Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Married

Bella and ROBERT PATTINSON have authentic plans to tie the knot & you can look ahead to the date of wedding anytime this year. ROBERT PATTINSON awed Bella with a glorious ringlet with an emerald stone, since Bella is not a giant admirer of diamonds as most ladies are accustomed to. I’m pretty sure, that she probably doesn’t adore them because not only is she particular and thinks for herself but we believe she conceives that to get such a jewel on your finger, a worker in Africa is made to work through harsh hours to come upon a treasured jewel. Moving along, the serious, green eyed beauty- KRISTEN STEWART, does not desire an extravagant wedding party either way, she yearns for something relaxed but momentous just as much as the love they share with one another and their bond.