Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Show Each Other Love In Miami

There have been a bunch of rumors saying that Kourtney Kardashian has “finally” broken up with her bad boy boyfriend, Scott Disick once and for all. But once you see this photograph of the couple in Miami showing each other some love you’ll come to realize that those are just “blasphemous rumors.” In fact, the couple seems closer and happier than ever. Follow Kourtney Kardashian on Twitter- @KourtneyKardash.

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Jobless Rose McGowan Shopping With A Friend In West Hollywood

Jobless and unrecognizable- Rose McGowan manages to still go shopping with a friend in West Hollywood. Perhaps, her friend was treating her since Rose saves her money cosmetic procedures. Truly, Rose McGowan was once a really pretty girl and super sexy and she had to go ruin her face. It’s not even that she’s old. She’s a mere 36 years old. Plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures ruined the once pretty actress, now ugly and with no work. But you’re still more than welcome to follow this gal on her official Twitter page- @rosemcgowan.

“The Great Gatsby” Actress Isla Fisher Attends The Ballet

Isla Fisher, actress from The Great Gatsby, attends a ballet show in Beverly Hills in California with a few friends of hers. She has been working hard on different business opportunities lately and decided that it was time to give herself a break and attend a show. Check the other Sexy Celeb Mom Natalie Portman Looks Fabulous Keeps Career Going and see what she is up too in her daily life.

Sexy Mexican Actress Sandra Echeverria Photos

Sandra Echeverria is a Mexican actress and singer that has done several Mexican movies in the last few years and even had a role in the film Savages as Magda. Echeverria has had several high profile relationships as she has dated Mexican actor Demian Bichir, musician Reyli Barba and she is currently dating Mexican singer Leonardo de Lozanne. She is very happy with her current relationship as she describe him as “the light of her life.” If you are interested in finding out more info check her out @sandraecheverr which is her Spanish Twitter account and @SandraEcheFCUSA is her English Twitter account.

Jay-Z Gives The Finger To Camera Man While On Vacation With Beyonce

Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce were vacationing on a luxurious yacht throughout the Mediterranean Sea in the South of France when he was taken by surprise by a camera man. Though Jay-Z did not seem to be blazing with anger, he sure did seem annoyed as he gave the camera man the finger. The rapper and singer are just trying to spend some alone time with their baby, but it seems impossible even when they’re in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Well, at least the camera man got a good snap shot of his finger.